Web Eyewear

Starting from 2008, Web Eyewear is the only house brand of the company which is distributed all over the world.

Inspired by travel and exploration motifs, Web Eyewear has evolved over the course of the years and keeps growing in order to reach its mission: strengthen the relationship between vintage and contemporaneity and exploit its unique design and the high quality of its products to stand out from others.

A retro touch combined with modern features is the winning combination that has defined the brand, leading it to timeless success.

Synonymous with innovation and attention to detail, the brand stands out for the quality and originality of its captivating designs and commitment to create products with the highest standards, evolving with the ever-changing technology.

Web Eyewear optical frames and sunglasses combine fashion and functionality to offer a unique product.

The eyewear collection is perfect both for those who are adventurous, curious and interested in everything is new and different, and for those who live life with enterprising spirit and want to be elegant and fashionable. These two soul often coexist representing the real target for Web Eyewear: the contemporary traveler.

Each glass becomes an essential accessory: a travel companion for who continues to explore, to get excited and live.

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